Touch rugby

Touch today is my first touch training session with the other school we teamed up with which was Te Ra school we also train with the Kapiti college yr 9 touch team. Last week our touch game was good but quite rough there was a lot of pushing and shoving to be honest the other team was really cocky. Like before the game had started one of their players were saying “oh our team is too good your team should milse well quit now” but in the end we won by several points, I felt like saying “uh in yo face” but I remained humble because if I had said it I’d be the cocky one, it was pretty fun. 😉


My Advice to my Imaginary Brother

I were to make a list of advice for my younger brother this would be it.


Be a good dancer.

Have a good looking haircut.

Be good or great at plenty of things if not you’re probably just a natural at something else or really talented.

Be good at all types of sports.

Have a good attitude and don’t be shy or afraid to go out if your hairs mucked up because I bet you it would still look pretty because I would have been styling it.

Don’t let anybody bring you down just let the haters do their hating because some hater should be your motivators.

Go to the gym when you’re a teenager because I’m not going to let you be lanky.

Always be happy or just smile a lot and people will smile back.

Have good taste in clothes although I’ll be buying or picking clothes for you that are trendy or clothes that make you look good.

Brush your teeth all the time.

Don’t get up to too much mischief.

Be good at maths.

Be a fast runner.

If you’re a good runner run a race run a marathon or outrun a movie star.

Don’t get a girlfriend untill your a reasonable age but you’ll probably have no time anyway because I’ll be the good brother And I’ll be taking you to your sports.

Be honest and don’t try and lie.

Have fun in life.

If you have a job do it well.

do the choirs now and again and be a good boy for mummy.

Be a good jumper and be acrobatic oh and also be good on a trampoline.

Be good at all the things you’re talented at

Stay outdoors in the backyard or just have fun outside

Learn to swim

Learn several different languages

Achieve and set goals

Just be yourself and don’t change for anybody because people will like you the natural way you are

Have your own career and play a sport

Buy your own house

If you win the lottery share some of the money but not all because if you have kids make them a bank account and put money into it but don’t allow them to take it out until their a reasonable age like twenty one

Try and learn a bit of magic

If people say you’re weird and you no you’re not just ignore them or say you’re limited edition

Be a nice guy

Try not to flirt with all the girls

Last but not least don’t be the cheeky kind of kid in class and avoid things you don’t like.


Love you


My List for a Perfect Day

My list for a perfect day would be this:


A nice sunny day

Spending time with my family

Maybe go to a museum

Have a nice lunch or picnic

Spend time with my girlfriend if I had one

Do some fun activities

Go swimming

Dye my hair

Use some spray tan

Go to the beach

Go out for dinner

Cut my own hair

Get some lollipops

Hang out with my mates

Go to watch a movie

Once we get home have a shower then jam out on the ps3

Thats all I have for my small list of the perfect day.




In my little life time I’ve had many haircuts some have failed and the others have been alright when I was living in Australia I had a different hairstyle every week I’d usually have a Benji Marshall type of haircut which is all mainly short kind of but with extra style to it i guess. One of the best\ kind of cool haircut was when I had a comb over it was pretty cool and stylish, but the not so cool thing about it was that my grandma hated it because she thought it looked like Adolf Hitler’s hair but my hair when I styled it with a bit of jell looked pretty cool because I looked a bit like this famous rugby league player Ben Barba who plays for the Canterbury- Bankstown Bulldogs.

I’ve always wanted to dye my hair but my mum said I’d look stupid and it would ruin my hair but I don’t really care, but since she’s in Australia for two weeks I’ll attempt to dye my hair a bit brown or some bizarre colour if I can, I reckon it’d be quite fun to do if I had a friend over for a sleepover on the weekend or when the holidays start. When i’m bored though I will always play with my hair or always look for a new way to style my hair but of course I’d never cut my hair myself because I wouldn’t be able to trust myself although I might give it a go sometime once I finally reach the goal to get these two hairstyles the first one is like this bodybuilder Aziz and then this other shredded guy but his hair is quite long but after I reach that I’ll most likely be cutting my own hair for the first time.

The type of hairstyles I like is probably amazingly bizarre,stylish and unique kind of weird looking haircuts that are completely wacky. My hair at the moment is just tied up at the top like those little babies but kind of long else where but all the hair is a bit straightened except for the top bit that’s tied. Hairdressers\ Barbers I don’t know which is better but when I’m in New Zealand I prefer going to hairdressers and let the ladies cut my hair because they just seem a bit better to me I guess and they can remember everything I ask for. Barbers I prefer going to a Barber shop In Australia because they’re unique with their cutting and always finish good and I get a pretty fresh looking haircut.